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2018 WORLD

Orange County Finals Match 1
Orange County Finals Match 2

We're going to champs!

After securing a victory at the Orange County Regional (our first regional win since 2011!), we’re proud to announce that Team Sprocket will be going to the World Championships in Houston on April 18th. Immense thanks to our sponsors, mentors, and chaperones who helped us through this exciting season, and we look forward to seeing everyone at Houston!


Check out our blog post for a quick season recap!

Huge thanks to our alliance partners, team 5805 SMbly Required and team 812 The Midnight Mechanics!


Thanks to the hard work our members put in this build season, Team Sprocket was able to win the Orange County Regional and qualify for the World Championships. However, as the event is in Houston, Texas, the funds necessary for traveling, shipping materials, hotel rooms and registration are difficult for our team to meet. As everyone put in an extraordinary amount of work into getting this far, any donations toward helping us attend would be greatly appreciated!