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Build Season Week 5 Recap

It has been a busy week for Sprocket members as build season is nearing its end. Our Engineering sub-teams have made exceptional progress on the robot. Mechanical has finished the first and second stages of the elevator and is now in the process of integrating them. CAD has been cutting out metal parts for the robot using our CNC Machine and teaching members from other sub-teams how to use the machine. Programming is working on auton and continuing every day to improve our drive base.

Our Business sub-teams have been working hard to successfully complete various assignments, to ensure our upcoming competitions. Publicity and Operations have been working simultaneously on Chairmans together. Publicity has finalized Chairman’s script and voiceovers, and they are now working on the video. We have made over 40 new Sprocket headbands and finalized our apparel and spirit. Operations are contacting hotels for competition as well as planning for the upcoming FTC competition held at our school. All Sprocket members have been productive this week, good work everyone.

New CADD members learning how to CNC

“I love the water fountain at Sprocket,” said Chris, a member of Operations.

“I enjoy working with Electrical and Programming,” said Collin, a member of Mechanical.

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