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Impact Award + Week 5 Recap

Thanks to the hard work of our business team, the 2024 Impact Award submission premiered smoothly. A special thank you to Benny for wonderfully editing and filming the majority of the video section. This week has been chaotic for our business team as they juggled many tasks while revising and polishing for the Impact Award before the deadline, and they did not disappoint. Even after such a eventful week, the business team still stands strong, ready to tackle the next task.

On the other hand, CAD manufactured and completed the robot systems which programming has tested. During the week, our programming worked on path planner for our autonomous sequence while also working on the limelight for robot vision.

Additionally, the other two subteams, mechanical and electrical, have made significant progress with the robot. The pivot gearbox that goes on the elevator has been machined and assembled. What's more? They have also attached 3-D printed parts and CNCed all the plates on the shooter which are now assembled and ready to place on the bot. Similarly, the intake plates have been machined and the shaft and rollers have been cut, fully assembled and tested. Thanks to the hard work of our teams, the robot is nearly set for competition in the coming weeks.

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