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Preseason Recap

As preseason comes to an end, let’s take a look at what the team has been up to. Although things are running slightly different this year, our team has maintained the usual order of business, teaching new members and preparing for the upcoming build season. From fundraising to hosting a Mock Kick-Off, we’ve definitely been keeping busy.

To begin, Operations has been hosting workshops for new members to become acquainted with topics such as professionalism, finance, and event planning. They’ve also been planning and hosting fundraisers, team bondings, and outreaches. Notable mention to our virtual Halloween escape room. Publicity has been hard at work with designing our team apparel, refining brand guidelines, and keeping up with our Instagram and blogs. Not only that, but Publicity and Public Relations have been collaborating on the Chairman’s Award. Public Relations is also honing their strategies for sponsors, brushing up on their skills with cold calls, and drafted emails during our annual Mock Kick-Off. As you can probably tell, business has been busy with their own projects, but at the end of the day, they’ve all been collectively working on the nomination of our mentor Mr. Gabriel Aguilar for the Woodie Flowers Award.

Our engineering subteams have also been proactive in ensuring a smooth transition into the upcoming build season. They’ve all been keen on assisting new members whether it be manufacturing and the engineering process, workings of e-boards and pneumatics, or the basics of Java and web design. The returning mechanical members have been continuing to learn about commonly used mechanisms and some even branched out to learn the basics of CAD. Likewise, new CAD members were taught 3D modeling and returning members were taught the design process of specific complex subsystems. The engineering team all worked closely together as they drafted and designed their subsystems, gaining valuable experience with the robot over the course of the mock build season.

CAD members collaborate in teaching other engineering members the basics of CAD

Despite the challenges of distance learning, the team continues to move forward and beyond. With preseason completed, we’re ready to take on build season. Team Sprocket wishes you a happy holiday!

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