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JMH 2.0


Our 2018 competition robot, "JMH",  was equipped with a smooth elevator system to collect cubes off the ground and place them into either a switch, scale, or vault. "JMH" was able to consistently score points in both autonomous and teleoperated mode with the help of our skilled driver.


“JMH” scored using a system equipped with an elevator and intake. The intake used wheels rotating one way to grip yellow power-up cubes and wheels rotating the opposite direction to release the cubes. After clasping a cube, the robot would raise the elevator to the level of the switch, vault, or scale and release it to score points or use power-ups. The driver had full control of the intake and elevator to ensure accurate placement.


Orange County Regional

  • Regional Winners

  • Rank 12

Houston World Championships

  • Newton Division

  • Rank 40

San Diego Regional

  • Rank 15