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Designing and modeling the robot using SolidWorks, CADD helps the other engineering subteams by creating the design of each robot that is successful and practical.


Electrical controls the design and development of the circuitry, wiring, and pneumatics of the robot. They, along with the programming subteam, give the robot the ability to run.


Mechanical assembles the robot and maintain our tools, machines, and workplaces. By building the robot the other teams. Working together with electrical and CADD, they build the robot according to specification. 


Developing applications in a variety of languages, Programming creates robot control systems using Java. In addition, they develop our team's scouting utilities. 


Operations manages the logistics of our team. They organize the team's schedule. They ensure that the team is able to access the resources they need to succeed. Operations also helps to ensure our success and attendance in competitions and events.

By utilizing creativity, the Publicity subteam advertises the team through the production of graphics, video, photos, flyers, and apparel. By advertising our team, we are able to better market Team Sprocket to potential sponsors.

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