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3473: Team Sprocket is a quickly advancing team that is making a difference in the school, community, and broader society. Since our debut in 2011, our team has taken the necessary steps to create unique opportunities for our dedicated members. We also support STEM in the community and form connections with sponsors to spread the reach of FIRST Robotics and the importance of STEM in the modern world. We are a group of highly committed individuals that have spent countless hours working together for the sake of ourselves, our goals, our community, and the values we hold as a team.

Our mission is to inspire our members to go above and beyond. We provide opportunities to explore different career paths, from various engineering to business fields. Students can craft unique designs, attend informative and interactive workshops, collaborate with professionals, and apply both engineering and business knowledge to successfully coordinate a team. In addition, we strive to meet the gold standard of “gracious professionalism” and dedication to our mission and teamwork. 

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