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Red Ribbon Family Festival

Introduced kids to our team, FIRST ideals, and STEM.

Evergreen Family Fun Night

Introduced kids to STEM, they played with gears, taught them how our robots work, and how to control them. 


Previous years: balloon powered cars, DIY planes, play with ice cream machine, play with pre-made catapult build catapult

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Christmas CADD Outreach

Consist of teaching 8 - 10 elementary school kids on how to CAD cookie cutters with Tinkercad. Members that attend will be responsible for assisting students with cadding and/or general supervision.

Lunar New Year Event

At Diamond Bar High School's Lunar New Year Event, Team Sprocket held a robot demonstration, allowing young kids to drive their robot.


Engineering Academy

Taught kids during the summer about STEM, such as coding. Professional classroom setting, with exciting hands on experience (such as using a breadboard).

Introduced to CAD / 3d printing /laser cutting / circuitry / programming + driving the robot (6 week (96 hr) program! - many things to the students got involved in )

Asian Fall Festival

Team Sprocket went out to the Asian Fall Festival to teach kids about STEM with exciting hands-on experience.  Introduced kids to STEM, let them play with gears, taught them how our robots work as well as how to control them. 


STEAMFAIR Pomona Fairplex

12,000 kids attended, we taught coding, showed them how gears work, and displayed our 2019 and 2020 robots.

Garage Sale and Movie Night

Sold team merch and spare parts to the general public which spread FIRST community knowledge and inspired kids to join our team. 


Invited other teams (Mubotics, Titanium, RAWC, Troy Tech, WVR, Robodox, Vituvian, Falcon, Team 4 Element, Team 4 Element, Team 6658, VEX and FTC teams, Makerspace) to a movie night where we bonded with other teams. We participated and organized events: tie dye station, face paint station, bucket dunks, and snacks.


Sprocket Online Workshop

Over 50 participants per class, with dozens of free classes during spring break. Spread FIRST community knowledge on STEM/career paths. Kept students mind fresh due to quarantine.

Taiwanese Exchange Students

Every year, we invite students from Taiwan to check out our facilities and prepare a demonstration for them. We have also taught them how our robots work, and how to use power tools (such as a handheld drill) in the past.


They even founded Team 7527, Kaohsiung Power, the only one in Taiwan, and competed for the first time in the 2019-2020 season (Deep Space)

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