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2023 Kickoff!

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

On January 7th, our members arrived to school in the morning to participate in the 2023 Build Season Kickoff. We started off kickoff with a delicious pancake breakfast made by our members. Then, we all sat in front of the screen, watching in excitement as the game rules and details were being released live on stream. In order to make the seemingly complicated rules more easy to digest, members got into 9 groups to explain a section of the rules.

Electrical Lead William Li comments, "This year's game is different from last year so it would be interesting to experience something new."

As all this was going on, several people, including Mr. Aguilar and a few little kids, were busy preparing tacos for lunch for alumni, members, and parents to enjoy. We ended the kickoff with words of advice from our alumni and getting work started in preparation for Week 1 of build season. We hope everyone had a great start to the season!

Members watching group presentations

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