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Blast Off at Ventura Regional

Alliance picture with our friends, Team 5790 and Team 6560!

After our first regional at Orange County, Team Sprocket was determined to improve our robot and revise any faults in robot design and fabrication. Since the Ventura Regional was in the fifth week of the competition season, spanding from Thursday, March, we had roughly four weeks to make these changes and put in more time for driver practice.

This second and final regional that Team Sprocket would attend, the Ventura Regional was held from Thursday, March 28th to Saturday, March 30th at Ventura College.

Early Thursday morning, Team Sprocket arrived by bus to support our drive team in field practice, help pit scout other teams, and set up our respective pit. Our improved robot was showcased through a very successful set of practice matches, which featured the debut of our brand new hatch mechanism.

The second day of competition was an exciting day for all members. It featured our first successful climb to habitat Level 2. That night, Team Sprocket had a team dinner at Red Robins in addition to a team-wide scouting meeting where members analyzed the scouted information and their personal inputs.

On Day 3 of the competition, all our information gathered during the scouting meeting was used during the alliance selection after the last few rounds of qualification matches. Though our ranking of 16 was not high enough for an alliance captain position, Team Sprocket was selected as the first pick of Team 5700: SOTA Cyberdragons. The third partner of the alliance was Team 6560: Charging Champions. Since we were the eighth seed of the alliances, we were pitted against the first seed alliance, where we ultimately lost in quarterfinals.

Although Team Sprocket did not qualify for World Championships in Houston, the team headed home with their head held high and ended their night with a team dinner at Wang Cho BBQ, which marked the end of Team Sprocket’s eventful 2019 competition season.

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