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Build Season 2019-2020: Week 1

After kickoff on January 5th, Team Sprocket was ready to start the new season off with a bang! Armed with the knowledge of this season’s theme, Infinite Recharge, we were eager to start building our new robot and overcome a new set of challenges.

Team Sprocket’s Mechanical subteam recently began construction on several game pieces such as the generator switch and the control panel, prototyping potential mechanisms for the robot as well. Meanwhile, the CADD subteam has been finalizing design layouts for the robot, while the Electrical subteam has begun drafting layout design for electrical boards. Programming has also been diligently coding color sensors essential for the control panel.

Behind the scenes, Team Sprocket’s business division has also been hard at work. The Public Relations subteam has begun Chairman’s, racking up water-jetting, welding, and hardware sponsorships. Publicity subteam worked on a Friend of Yimbo, a Kenyan-based charity organization, commercial and have also begun recording the Chairman’s video. Weekly fundraisers and team dinners have been established thanks to the Operations subteam too.

Team members are optimistic about the progress of this week, with William Chang, a Publicity member, saying that they are “ahead of schedule”. Team Sprocket has made tremendous progress this week, and we hope to continue this upward trend for the remainder of the season.

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