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Build Season 2019-2020: Week 3

Following the exciting second week of Build Season begins another exciting chapter of Team Sprocket. All members of Team Sprocket have been working hard to complete their ambitions for the coming competition season.

As the deadline for the Chairman's award comes closer, the Business subteams have been working hard to demonstrate Team Sprocket’s endeavor to emulate the FIRST organization’s values. The Publicity subteam is directing a promotional video, while the Public Relations and Operations subteams collaborate on an essay and thorough presentation. The Business department also has been working on several outreach projects that benefit the local and global community and spread FIRST ideas.

Our Mechanical Subteam developing our drive base.

The Engineering subteams have been working together to complete all parts of the competition robot’s drive base. Mechanical members are working on prototypes and getting the drive base ready for competition, while the CADD subteam has been designing the projectile shooter and frame. Electrical has finished laser cutting the belly pan and working on wire management, and Programing has worked on code for the positioning and rotation of the control panel.

“I am very thankful for the efforts to all members to get things done,” said Public Relations lead Jacob Zhi. “It’s exciting to see our whole team come along and work towards one goal.”

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