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Build Season 2019-2020: Week 4

The Mechanical Subteam building the drive base

Week 4 has been an exciting week for Team Sprocket. In the Mechanical subteam, members have been working to prototype their designs. After sufficient testing, the Mechanical subteam has finished their trench prototype.


CADD has been working with the mechanical subteam to finish the mappings for the front and main body of the robot. Finally, Electrical has started cutting acrylic to fit the belly pan and testing running current through the e-board.

Our Publicity Subteam working on the Chairman's video

Meanwhile, the business subteams have been working hard to complete the team’s Chairman’s Award submission. Public Relations has continued to work on editing and revising the essay and executive summaries. Publicity is nearing completion of the Friends of Yimbo and Chairman's Video. Operations has been working on organizing and planning our competitions.

We’re at the halfway mark into this year’s build season! The team has been working hard to achieve all of its goals, and so far we’re right on schedule. We plan to keep this pace and some outreach events, going into the next few weeks. And remember, it’s about more than just robots!

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