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Build Season 2019-2020: Week 5

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

It’s week five and the end of build season nears! Many of our subteams have been busy finalizing their plans and preparing for the planned end of the build season on the sixth week.

The Mechanical and CADD Subteams at work

The engineering teams have begun the final stretch of the build season. We have begun finalizing the ball-shooting mechanism and overall design of the competition robot for the Infinite Recharge game. As per every week, the team has scheduled a fundraiser on Friday night, this week’s being at the Walnut Yogurtland. We have also submitted our Chairman’s Award essay and executive summaries, and are continuing work on the presentation and video. Finally, the team has started planning for the San Diego regional in March.

“INTENSE” - Calvin Ung

Efforts towards our competition-ready robot still stand strong, and Team Sprocket is prepared to take the final steps in Week Six of the build season.

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