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Build Season 2019-2020: Week 6

“Sometimes, all you gotta do is do” - Calvin Ung

With the team-mandated stop build day fast approaching, Team Sprocket has begun making the final preparations for the competition season.

The business department has been working on several projects. Publicity has finished both the flyer and brochure for the Walk it, Sprocket for Yimbo run (Friends of Yimbo), which is scheduled for the 29th of February, and have begun work with on the banner that will be used during the event. The first regional is scheduled for the first of March, in San Diego. Operations are planning the team’s presence at the regional, including finding transportation for members. Meanwhile, Public Relations has been working to produce the necessary material for the Chairman’s presentation, which will be presented at the regional alongside Publicity’s Chairman’s video.

The Publicity Subteam editing the Friends of Yimbo commercial.

Though Saturday marks stop build day, the Engineering teams plan to use the extra time to polish the robot’s design for a better competition season. Programming and Mechanical have collaborated to perfect the shooter mechanism on the hardware and software side. Regarding the bot’s hardware, CADD and Mechanical have worked on several revisions intended to offer more stability during the upcoming regional. Furthermore, the two engineering subteams have continued progress on its assembly, such as manufacturing and waterjetting parts for the robot. Finally, Programming is nearing the completion of SprocketStats, a team and robot scouting web app.

As the build season begins winding down, we’d like to take this time to thank the Team Sprocket community for another successful six weeks. We’d like to thank our members, who have spent countless hours and long evenings on build season work, the parents, for always supplying the team with food, and the sponsors, for allowing us to pursue

this opportunity in FRC!

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