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Build Season Nears Its End

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Build season is finally ending and with it, the days of wearisome toiling. This year's build season has been full of ups and downs; we began the season with a running start, but complications with our waterjetting and other factors led to us being behind schedule by the last couple of weeks. However, our team members showed an exemplary performance through these grueling times. Last Sunday, our team had a 15 hour meeting that lasted until 1 AM, allowing us to make significant progress on the construction of the robot. From filing to assembling, everyone on Team Sprocket had a part to play in the final weeks of build season.

Mechanical took on the major responsibilities of completing the cascade elevator, drive base, intake, and other key parts of the robot. They worked quickly to assemble the robot during these last days.

Electrical has worked side-by-side with the mechanical subteam to ensure that all the wiring and pneumatics are functioning correctly.

CAD has been hard at work using 3D modeling programs in order to properly create and dimension each robot part.

Programming programmed the drive base and pneumatics, worked on the scouting application, and updated the website.

Being unable to attain parts for the majority of the season, we weren't able to assemble much until the last week. Hopefully, with the remaining time before our first competition, we'll be able to prepare more than what the build season allowed.

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