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Build Season Week 1 Recap

After an eventful kickoff on January 8, Sprocket has been excited for the new 2023 build season. Our team members have been working hard to create a new robot for the game, Charged Up.

Our engineering subteams have made good progress with the design of our robot and game elements. Mechanical has finished building the game pieces and assembled the majority of our drive base by working together. CAD has also completed their preliminary design proposals. Along with this, the majority of the rest of the CAD integrations have been finalized, aside from the intake which we have multiple iterations of. In addition, the engineering subteams have worked on a few side projects such as building our battery cart and driver stations.

Mechanical members assembling the game pieces

Our business subteams have also been making good progress during the first week of the build season. Publicity has started the first draft of apparel designs and is continuing to update the team’s blogs. Operations is currently planning a FTC competition hosted at our school, along with writing our Chairman’s essays. Sprocket has also brought back our team dinners for meetings after the pandemic. A special thank you to everyone who has donated to our team!

Sprocket is enthusiastic going into this year’s build season as Mr. Aguilar has observed that this has been one of the most effective build season week 1’s our team has accomplished in the past few years.

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