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Build Season Week 2 Recap

During our second week of build season, our team has achieved some great accomplishments. After intense design proposals, our subteams have continued to prototype our drivebase, intake, and claw.

Both our business and engineering sides have been working hard to make good progress. Mechanical has worked all day on their different prototypes of drives bases including the swerve drive. Our programming subteam has begun to program the drivebase, and CADD has collaborated with Electrical to work on the E-Board and completed it. Other members have begun to CAD and finish the drivers station.

Mechanical members enjoying their time in the woodshop

“We bonded with each other and spent a lot of time collaborating and solving common problems,” said Vikrant Sudagar from Electrical.

The Publicity subteam has worked on our FRC Chairman's video script, apparel, and website updates. They hope to create new, original designs centered around the theme: Charged Up! Operations is planning an FTC Event hosted at our school. They even accomplished securing and executing our Pieology fundraiser.

“I think the Pieology fundraiser was very successful and it was fun to see everyone outside of a professional working environment. Also the food is good,” said Jasmine Buenafe from Publicity.

Our team had fun eating together and bonding over pizza. We can’t wait for our next fundraiser at Panda Express.

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