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Build Season Week 3 Recap

Nearly halfway through the build season, Team Sprocket was able to accomplish many things this week as well. Each subteam has either finished or is continuing to work on their individual projects.

During the long hours of progress, the CADD subteam finished the E-Board and the CNC of the prototype for the claw. The mechanical subteam has continued to work on the robot, making robot cart batteries and bumpers for the charging station balance game. The programming subteam worked on a server where new members would take notes of robot update software for the different components of the bot. The electrical subteam had started wiring up the prototype for the E-Board.

Programming members working hard on the robot’s auton

“Astounding progress”, said Regan Song from the CADD subteam.

The publicity subteam continued to work on the designs of the apparel and business cards along with updating the Sprocket website, video script, and the Chairmans. The Operation subteam had also worked on the FRC Chairman and the Dean’s list.

“There was a hard balance between the homework (and club activities)”, said Colin Yong from the Mechanical subteam.

Although many of the members of Sprocket were busy, they were also able to enjoy each other’s time and complete many projects.

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