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Build Season Week 4 Recap

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

On Saturday, January 28, Team Sprocket participated in the DBHS Lunar New Year event, giving out free cotton candy and teaching many curious kids and parents about our robot on display. Joseph Chen, a CADD member at the event, recalls "The Lunar New Year event was very fun and productive. We gave cotton candy to kids and taught our community more about STEM. We are very thankful to the Diamond Bar Chinese American Association for granting us a spot."

Progress within the subteams has been steady this week. Mechanical members have been "hard-working on bumpers, robot carts, and battery carts this week, as well as manufacturing pieces for the robot", a member reports. "The team has been working very hard." Programming member Nikkolos Miyoshi and lead Natasha Kho say that their team is now fine-tuning their codes, and perfecting their numbers. Some members work on the auton while newer members work on the subsystem, such as the claw and intake. CADD has also been working diligently, announcing that they are now working on drawing files and will continue to CNC parts.

Business members passing out cotton candy during Lunar New Year Event.

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