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Build Season Week 6 Recap

It has been a very busy week for Sprocket members. Our bot is nearly finished, as our Engineering subteams have been hard at work. The Mechanical subteam has completed making the robot and charging station, and are now just focusing on assembling pieces. Programming has been working hard on programming the parts, subsystems, and pathing. CADD has finished designing the bot and is now working on our shooter and battery cart. They also CNCed parts for the subsystems. Lastly, Electrical has finished the e-board and is now working on tubing.

Our Business subteams have also been working hard. Operations has been working together to turn in our Chairman's essay and have been contacting hotels. Publicity has been working on the Chairman's video, apparel, merch, and finishing up the Sprocket Ears.

CADD member Benny Tan working on CNCing machine parts

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Andrew Lin
Andrew Lin
Apr 28, 2023

laser taser

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