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Build Season: Week No. 1

DIAMOND BAR -- Our first week of Build Season was an exciting experience for all of our members, old and new. Gearing up for competition season, each subteam is ready to accomplish numerous tasks in the upcoming weeks.


Mechanical and CAD members test hatch outtake prototype (Karen Su/Team Sprocket)

For Engineering, this week has been especially busy with designing prototypes and adjusting to new changes for the 2019 season. Programming tested vision tracking with a camera, readily updated software, and collaborated with Electrical to ensure that the robot electronics were compatible with the new programs. Electrical worked on the electronic board prototype; they also fixed up our previous robots so that we can test the robot's ability to withstand a six inch drop off a platform. Furthermore, Mechanical has been wrapping up the building of the field elements, and has begun to prototype the hatch intake system. In addition, CADD has been designing a hatch intake and mechanism for reaching the tallest platform along with prototyping a drivebase.


Operations members craft Spirit Headbands for our competitions. (Jay Siri/Team Sprocket)

This week, Business has been hard at work as well, from continuing tasks from preseason to preparing for the upcoming competition season. Operations has spent the week coordinating our team dinners (which also doubles as fundraisers) for each Friday, managing our team's attendance, and working on spirit gear for our competitions. Public Relations has been working diligently on our Chairman's Essays for our application and cold calling/emailing more sponsors. Publicity has processed our windbreaker order so that we can work in style. They've also updated our social media platforms to keep everyone up to date and to promote the seven day #blackandwhitechallenge on our Instagram.

We're really happy with the progress we've made this week!

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