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Build Season: Week No. 2

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

DIAMOND BAR -- Even through the pouring rain, Team Sprocket members have been hard at work. From choosing our final intake design to booking hotels for our Ventura Regional, our team has been meeting frequently to ensure that we're on track to meet our scheduled goals!

We'll be having a fundraiser at Panda Express (Valley & Grand PX, 558 Grand Ave. Walnut, CA 91789) from 7PM - 10PM next Friday, January 25th! Please come out to support and show this flyer!


Mechanical members Natalene Gunawan, Iris Gonzalez, and Carter Ung (left to right) work together to prototype the intake. (Kyle Chen/Team Sprocket)

Engineering as a whole has made good progress on our robot designs! CADD has focused on designing the more specific parts (like the hatch intake and outtake) , making sure that our plan is logical and can successfully accomplish our goals. As Week 3 of Build Season begins, CADD will be meeting frequently outside of regular meetings to keep up with the intense workload! Mechanical has been busy constructing the field elements and working closely with CADD to prototype designs. Programming continued with last week's task of camera testing and has started to program the drivetrain and intake subsystems. The Electrical subteam worked with Programming to build an e-board for the drivetrain code and was able to test its functionality.


Publicity member Kaylee Kim designs a page for the freshly released newsletter. (Kyle Chen/Team Sprocket)

On the Business side of things, Operations has been working to manage our team finances so that our team will have the necessary funding for the OC and Ventura Regionals. They have also been busy planning logistics of the regionals and are in the process of booking hotels for Ventura. Public Relations and Publicity have been working closely together to release the anticipated Team Newsletter published right here at! Public Relations has also been brainstorming the Chairman's Award video, and Publicity has been able to make flyers for our many upcoming fundraisers and distribute our stylish team windbreakers!

Despite such a busy and hectic schedule, we couldn't be more excited heading into Week 3!

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