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Build Season: Week No. 5

DIAMOND BAR -- The fifth week of Build Season stood as the final stretch of hard work as time raced closer towards the competition season. Engineering subteams diligently manufactured robot parts and wired circuit boards, while the Business subteams assiduously modified Chairman’s Award resources, arranged fundraisers, and facilitated events.

Having worked with the Public Relations subteam to relay the confirmed orders with both Performance Water Jetting and Advanced Waterjet & Laser in week four, the CADD subteam was able to retrieve the finished parts for the robot’s bellypan and gearbox frame. After obtaining these robot parts, they were cleaned and organized by the Mechanical subteam in preparation for assembly.

Programming members Mena Hassan and Catherine Lu (left to right) prepare by testing new code on a previous robot. (Kyle Chen/Team Sprocket)

The Electrical and Programming subteams continued to prioritize completing individual subsystems on the robot. The Electrical subteam assembled laser cut mounts for the robot’s pneumatics board, and the Programming subteam was able to implement the limelight camera onto the robot, which allowed for automatic alignment and intricate maneuvers.

Operations member Bella Licea assembles a robot for an outreach event. (Kyle Chen/Team Sprocket)

Meanwhile, the Business subteams proceeded to finalize the Chairman’s award submission. The Publicity subteam continued to add final touches on the Chairman’s video, while the Public Relations subteam successfully submitted the executive summaries and Chairman’s essay after countless revisions and updates. The Operations subteam also created gift baskets to give to our visiting sponsors, Mr Torng from Boeing and Mr. Araki from Raytheon, and hosted an outreach event at South Pointe Middle School.

Numerous steps were taken toward completing a successful robot, and we were delighted to see that the team stood prepared to take the final steps for week six of Build Season.

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