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Build Season: Week No. 6

Week Six: the last and most intense week of build season. After the preceding five weeks of build season, the team races towards the finish line with immeasurable wits and will.

Team Sprocket members pose for a picture after bagging the robot!

The Business department tackled substantial projects that stood as significant steps towards the build stop day. The Public Relations subteam published and released the finalized summary business plan for the Entrepreneurship Award, while the Publicity subteam finished the official Chairman’s video. Preparing for the competition season, the Operations subteam coordinated the hotel and dining expenses for the Ventura Regional.

All Engineering subteams worked extremely hard to implement finalized subsystems for the robot. The Mechanical subteam assembled individual components for both the competition and practice robot, and cooperated with the Electrical subteam to wire the electrical boards into both our competition and practice robot. Meanwhile, the CADD subteam completed the design for the customized removable bumpers which are attached to the robot during competition. The Programming subteam put the finishing touches on the scouting website, adding features to streamline the team’s scouting experience for the upcoming Orange County Regional.

Upon final construction, the official 2019 robot was bagged and tagged on February 19th, the build stop day. Thus, the grueling six week-long journey that encompassed immeasurable dedication from the whole team came to an end.

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