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Business at Work: Chairman's and Dean's List Complete

Business Subteams Wrapping Up Week 5

After five rigorous weeks of preparing the Dean’s List Award for Kirsten Boyle and Regan Song, the Business subteams have successfully completed and submitted the required essay that will propel these semi-finalists to the finals. Regan says, “I think it’s been a really constructive experience to look back at what I’ve done, and I’m surprised at how far I've come” The team hopes to continue the legacy set by 2021 Dean’s List Finalist, and current Team Sprocket Captain, Natalene Gunawan. Natalene expresses her utmost pride in both Kirsten and Regan. “After being able to be part of the process, I can tell who has the drive to represent the team… We’re setting up for the future Dean’s List applicants.”

Operations subteam writing chairman's

Dean’s List is not the only FIRST award that Team Sprocket has been aiming towards winning. The most prestigious award, the Chairman’s Award, is in its final stages of completion. The Operations subteam has been hard at work in writing the Executive Summaries and Essay, which has just been submitted this week. They have been working alongside the Publicity subteam, who is currently wrapping up the Chairman’s Video that will highlight the achievements of Team Sprocket. The business subteams look forward to finishing up build season, with the Chairman’s and Dean’s List Awards under their belts.

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