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Competition Season 2019-2020: Week 1

With the advent of the competition season came a large shift in Team Sprocket’s focus. While much of the engineering department continues work on the robot, the business department has moved its attention to upcoming events.

Many of the engineering subteams’ projects are close to completion. The model of the competition robot has been finished, and Electrical, nearing the end of wiring the robot, has begun delegating some members to help other subteams. Mechanical and Programming have also started the final stretch on robot design.

“When life doesn’t go your way, go the other way!” - Calvin Ung

Competition season is in full swing in the business department. Operations has continued to organize upcoming events, including the regional, STEAM fair, and Friends of Yimbo run. Public Relations has focused their efforts towards preparing marketing material for the team’s current sponsors that will be used in said events. Finally, Publicity has finished most of the advertising material for these events.

The Operations Subteam planning the Friends of Yimbo walk

The new competition season brings many opportunities. This year, on top of having another great season, we hope to spread the idea of “more than just robots” to the teams we meet throughout our competitions. We hope to see you all there!

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