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Competition Season 2019-2020: Week 2

As the date of the San Diego Regional Competition approaches, Team Sprocket has taken crucial steps to their goals.

With the end of the first week of the competition season, the Business department has been tackling the competition full throttle. Publicity has been working on the Chairman’s video. Operations are planning the overall schedule for the San Diego competition and steamposium. Alongside Operations, Public Relations are focusing their efforts on the presentation for the prestigious Chairman’s award.

The CADD subteam hard at work

As the week progressed, the Engineering Department cooperated to manufacture the robot. The CADD and Mechanical Subteam members worked on making the robot as light as possible. Electrical fixed the wiring on the turret system and have refined the pneumatic system, making the robot as ready as possible for competition.

Our Mechanical subteam and CADD subteam discussing the game plan

This season, Team Sprocket has been working efficiently to be on schedule. Captain Calvin Ung commented on the team’s progress saying that “It’s never too late to be early.”

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