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Felony the Frog at OC Regional

Felony is our team’s electrical mascot. You can often find Felony laying around our woodshop and business rooms. It all began when our electrical lead, Namky Eun, was on Thingiverse, a website where 3D printing files are open to the public. He found a cute frog file and thought it was funny. So, he printed it. Later, he thought it would be hilarious to print an even larger frog so he did. The electrical members thought this frog best represented their subteam, therefore, it became their mascot.

During our OC Regional Competition, Namky had the idea that it would be cool if he approached every electrical lead from the other teams to take a photo with the frog. Felony, the frog is now a symbolic meaning of the bond between electrical teams. Our frog is well known among many teams and members.

Our electrical lead, Namky, and electrical members posing with Felony

Namky explains, “I went up to every team saying I'm doing this thing where I take a picture with every electrical lead here holding my frog because it’s important to our team.”

After the competition, some other teams recognized the file and printed it as a mascot for their own electrical team. While others asked for the file to the frog so they could print it themselves.

“The frog is an electrical representation,” states Namky while talking about their electrical frog Felony.

Check out the pictures of the electrical leads here:

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