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Finals Week

Finals have just finished for many in Diamond Bar High School. Many of our members worked hard these last few weeks of school studying and working hard on their grades. This blog highlights the experience of finals and the days leading up to them.

Many of our members had come prepared for finals after studying beforehand. Jessica, a member of The CADD subteam said “Coming into finals, I felt overall prepared since I had done a lot of studying. I also spent a lot of time reviewing previous topics so overall I felt confident.”

After taking the finals, some believed they did well, stating “I think I passed. I know I did well on English, but for math and AP CSP, I think I did well. At the very least, a B on all the finals.”

Now that the finals are over, many are preparing to relax for the break. Caleb, a senior at Diamond Bar high planned to spend time “anime, games, and college apps”. However, for some this break is time to get ahead on work as another member plans on “doing some extra review and spending time with my family.”

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