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FTC Event + Week 3 Recap

Team Sprocket had successfully hosted another FTC event at Diamond Bar High over the weekend, starting with setup on Feb. 26th and seamlessly running the event from Feb. 27th-28th. Being able to host over 50 teams could not have become a reality without our two business members stepping up to ensure the fullfillment of the event, managing every single detail. The stands were once agains filled with the support of parents, friends, and enthusiastic competitors ready to cheer their teams on.

Additionally, we have helped 13 boyscouts earn their STEM badges, guiding them through the event through interactive, unforgettable experiences. They even contributed to the delicious concessions during lunch!

Thanks to our sponsor, XYZ printing, we were able to suprise every team competing with a 3D printer. We are excited to see all of these FTC teams to thrive in the future.

Let's see what our members had to say about hosting this event.

Candice comments, "FTC was a unique and fun experience. It allowed me to connect with others from different robotics teams and volunteers from scouts. The event made me admire how incredible the planning was and my teammates who helped put this together. While the volunteering was hard, the hands-on experience and the knowledge gained were well worth it." This is her first time attending a FTC event, and she has done a great job fulfulling her role.

Joseph recalls, "This is my second year doing FTC and the new teams ingenuity never fails to inspire me. Seeing other teams work so hard really inspires me." Thank you for everyone who volunteered at the FTC event!

Throughout the week, engineering has demonstrated exceptional dedication, with all subteams working to collaborate on the completion of the prototype. Electrical has been working on newly arrived krakens, mechanical finished game elements, and CADD has started cnc and manufacturing a subsystem. Programming has been making progress on the drive base and scouting app, ready to produce an even better version in preperation of competitions!

Two of our members announcing the XYZ printer giveaway.

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