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Questionnaire time! Today for our blog, we've asked a few of our team members what they thought of this fully online year and how we adapted to the environment when we were put in.

Let's see what they say!

Throughout the week, we reached out to a few of our members via Discord. For starters, we gave the prompt of:

"How did you feel about having robotics fully online?" One member, Natalene Gunawan, said,

"Honestly, robotics is usually more interactive when it was in person because there was more hands on and face to face things to do. But I thought the way that it was adapted for this year was really interesting and it was a great learning experience."

Another member, Kirsten Boyle, said,

"It was difficult to work together, but I think engineering was hit the hardest because robotics is a hands on collaborative experience."

Lastly, the last member we asked, Regan Song, said, "I feel like it's unfortunate, because we've missed many of the normal opportunities we would've had in person. We haven't been able to meet anyone or build a physical robot."

Even if we're separate throughout different screens, we still found a way to be connected as a team all throughout the year no matter how hard it was. We miss you Sprocket!

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