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Going Back to School

As vaccines are administered and precautions are gradually lowered, we find ourselves slowly going back to what we used to call “normal”. Some students are choosing to go back to school now with the necessary safety precautions and are attending classes behind protective screens. Starting next school year, Walnut Valley school district is tentatively planning for schools to open up again to the entire student body, where we can come back to in-person attendance.

In Team Sprocket, we have been allowed to bring a limited number of members onto the school campus to visit our workspace. According to Namky Eun, a junior in the Electrical subteam, he stated that coming back to visit Sprocket felt really strange. “There was so much dust everywhere and nothing was where it was supposed to be. It also brought back a lot of great memories like the fridge and Mr. Cole's shrine.” Along with other members, the first thing to do was to clean. Dust was everywhere and nothing was in the right place because they had to pack everything up for comp. Luckily, Namky was able to get most of the electrical cleaning out of the way during their first meeting, but there’s still more work to do.

“I just hope we can all get back on track. I feel like a lot of us in Electrical have gotten a bit rusty on our skills and knowledge and a lot of the new Mechanical members have probably never held a drill in their hand before. I think it'll take a while before everything feels like it's back to normal but I'm very excited to get to that point,” Namky says. Although it’s not the same with the masks and distancing, we have to realize that we are making an important step forward not only in history but as students and as a community.

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