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Halfway Through Build Season with Electrical

Officially halfway through the FIRST robotics build season, Team Sprocket is making tremendous progress. In a special interview with Electrical lead Namky Eun, Namky shares his pride for his subteam. “The knowledge gap between me and my members has been the lowest ever.” Although Namky was not present for the first few weeks of build season, his members have taken initiative to learn aspects of CAD, programming, and electrical design. The electrical subteam plans to use prior designs and knowledge to create a robot with “zero electrical failures.”

Serena wiring the new pneumatics hub.

In order to accomplish this goal, Namky has taken inspiration from common FRC strategies and practices. He believes that improving the quality of the robot will help it perform better in competitions. Electrical already has purchased new materials such as wires, crimps, and cables. We are excited to see how Electrical will power through!

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