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Keeping up with the Dean's List Semi-Finalists

Over the past few weeks, Team Sprocket has been rigorously interviewing members in order to select our semi-finalists for Dean’s List. As written on the FIRST website, “​​Dean’s List is an award that recognizes individuals that exemplify leadership and dedication to the FIRST program. Each team nominates two students in the 10th or 11th grade to represent their team at the state and regional level.”

After thorough consideration we would like to formally announce our semi-finalists as Regan Song and Kirsten Boyle. They were chosen amongst seven other Sprocket members and went through a rigorous process of interviews hosted by captains, leads, and mentors. When asked about his reaction to being chosen, Regan explained, “I was surprised that I got selected considering that there are plenty of other members who have more experience than me.” Meanwhile, Operations Lead, Erin Wong, has expressed, “The decision process was difficult as every candidate was extremely highly qualified, but I am ultimately very proud of the two and [am] excited to see how they continue to grow.”

As for what comes next after being selected as semi-finalists, Regan and Kirsten will now move on to compete at the regional/state level along with other semi-finalists in FIRST, and we wish them luck on their Dean’s List journey

Dean's List Semi-Finalists Regan Song (left) and Kirsten Boyle (right)

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