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LA Fleet Week!

A new school year has kicked off for Team Sprocket! Recently, we've competed at our first pre-season event in San Pedro, in the heart of the LA Fleet Week. Competing over Saturday and Sunday, Team Sprocket was able to treat new members to a brand new experience. For many, the competition was a great learning experience, including new leads that were just acclimating to the new duty of leadership. For instance, programming leads Catherine Lu and Ryan Zhu struggled on the Day 1 with a game data transmission issue, but were quick to resolve the issue and successfully wrote a program for the autonomous game period on Day 2. For the mechanical member Sean Peng, the event was another great competition. "It was pretty cool to be able to attend another off-season event where it wasn't as serious and the stakes weren't as high. It was also a great way for the new members to get a taste for what a competition was like." Presented by the Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video, our members were able to enjoy the various food trucks (with $5 boba!), air shows with F-18 fighter jets, and giant battle ships that were available at the venue. With such a great experience, our team is definitely looking forward to Beach Blitz (October 13th)!

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