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Leadership Advice

This year has been different for leadership than the other years, having to guide members through online meetings. “One of the largest challenges this year was engaging the members,” Presley said, “Seeing everyone, developing that bond between each other, and being part of the sprocket culture is just such a big part of this team, and once it was gone because it's just so much harder to do that online compared to in person.”

Despite this, Team Sprocket’s leadership pulled through. "Some advice I'd like to give to the future leads and members is to watch out for each other and yourself," Presley said, "What I mean by this is that if you see unfair things going on, don't just let them slide by. Use your voice and speak out about it, and put your mental and physical health above everything else."

The end of the school year is arriving and our leads are prepared to pass down their position and their knowledge. “Be proactive!” Christa advised, “The biggest experience isn't from doing what you're assigned, but rather it is from finding what you think is best for yourself, and in extension, you will find what is best for the team.”

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