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Los Angeles Recap - Impact Award Winners

Our team attended the Week 3 Los Angeles Regional competition, and it was nothing short of an exciting experience. Every aspect of our journey resulted from the hard work and dedication of engineering and business members. 

One of our collective achievements this year was the creation of a new robot, a project that was tackled by our non-senior members. Despite the tight deadline of two weeks, our engineering team united and rose to the challenge, showcasing their determination. The programming team also faced a tough task, having to rush through final coding and troubleshooting during the competition to ensure the robot was operational. Despite the pressure, their collective efforts paid off, and we secured a functional defense bot. 

While the engineering team worked hard on the robot, our business team was equally busy continuing our efforts to enhance our team's impact, focusing on community outreach and presenting to judges. The impact team, which includes members dedicated to promoting our mission and achievements, practiced tirelessly, working closely with engineering inspiration presenters to secure our team’s first Impact Award. This prestigious award celebrates our team's significant positive effect on the community and highlights our commitment to inspiring others through STEM and FIRST. 

We want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to our mentors, sponsors, and the incredible dedication of our team members. Your unwavering support and commitment have been instrumental in our success. We are especially grateful to our dedicated business team. We look forward to competing at the Orange County Competition and Houston Championships with your continued support!!!

Our team Impact Award photo with our mentors and coaches. (From the Left for coaches and mentors: Gabriel Aguilar, Kenneth Wah, Eileen Kahn, Richard Medina)

2024 Los Angeles Regional Drive Team

2024 Los Angeles Regional Drive Team and Pit Crew testing the shooter.

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