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Mock Kickoff & Subteam Updates

This fall, we commenced the new FIRST season with a virtual bang. This month’s mock kickoff marks the starting point for our team's mock build season, in which the engineering and business subteam members were split into 3 subsystems, where each subsystem simulated and experienced building a robot virtually.

On November 7, our team gathered together for mock kickoff. During our virtual meeting, the leadership team presented a game reveal featuring the nostalgic game, Ultimate Ascent. After the game reveal, our team was split into breakout rooms to go over different parts of a modified game manual. To conclude the kickoff, the team came back together to strategize and plan for the mock build season robot.

For the first 2 days, the leads, mentors, captains, and coaches worked with the 3 subsystem groups to make a good design and correct calculations for each of their simulated projects.

The Operations subteam meets up through Zoom to discuss new ideas for their workshops and events.

Team Sprocket’s business subteams make the most out of the mock build season by working on six-week projects. Publicity subteam is working on creating this year's apparel, this year being especially important because of the team's 10th year anniversary. In addition, the subteam is working on creating a mock-Chairman’s video within the 6-week timeframe. At the same time, the Public Relations subteam is currently focusing on pitching a sample elevator pitch to different companies. Meanwhile, the Operations subteam is researching new workshop and outreach opportunities. Bella Licea, this year’s Operations lead, uses this time to emphasize to her members that it is important to continue to spread STEM and FIRST ideals to their community, no matter the situation. “I want to revamp our old workshops, come up with new workshops and outreach events for next year, and also look for virtual workshops and outreach opportunities as well,” she says.

On the other hand, the engineering subteams are currently working on 3 different subsystems of the mock build season robot. For each subsystem, members from different subteams work together to simulate an actual build season using last year's game. Juniors and sophomores were encouraged to take leadership positions during this project while seniors served as mentors. Subsystem 1 is responsible for the design of the intake of the robot. This subsystem’s primary deliverable is creating the CAD model, which is moving smoothly along with the robot’s code. Meanwhile, Subsystem 2 is working on the climb portion of the robot and has finished the CAD design and programming. On the other hand, Subsystem 4 is responsible for designing and CAD-ing the feeder and shooter of the bot. Subsystem 4’s members still need to mount the mechanisms onto the drive base and coordinate it with the other subsystems to finalize everything. Two weeks into the mock build season, our team decided to disassemble Subsystem 3 and redistribute the members to the other subsystem groups.

“We have been training the members in Java in order to prepare them for the basics of robot code.” -Emma Fu (Programming)

All of our members, captains, and advisors are giving it their all, and we’d like to thank them for the work and effort they are contributing to this year’s season. As mock kickoff is nearly halfway finished, our team will continue to put our best face forward.

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