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Port Hueneme Recap - Engineering Inspo Winners!

Our team has worked tirelessly all season to finally compete at the week 1 regional - Port Hueneme! During the week of competition, both business and engineering were working hard on finalizing their work. Let's take a look of our engineering team's final week of preparations.

Ashley, a first year CAD member, recalls that she was working closely with mechanical to build the robot while also revising some of the CAD. Zach, a first year programming member, reports that they were working hardly all week to program the shooter, swerve, and intake.

Now shifting the spotlight to business; the preparations for competition was no easy task. Business took charge of making sure that the rest of the team knew the history of our team thorougly, including our outreaches and general information of the robot. They created fun kahoots and quizzes to encourage learning. The buzzing of the banner printing machine was a constant one, and out emerged the detailed rocket control panel to be hung up on the pit. The iconic symbol of the team, Sprocket ears, was also being together in mass amounts bringing about a sense of unity during the competition and further emphasizing our team spirit. Our three brochures, which could be found at our pit, were being designed and printed, with details about our outreaches, robot, and safety rules. Our EI team has worked all week preparing for the interviews, going over every possible question and revising their responses over and over again night after night. Their hard work is not to go unnoticed - we had won the Engineering Inspiration Award!

The stands errupted with cheers as we the numbers of our team was read out during the annoucement of the Engineering Inspo Award, an acknowledgement of business' hard work. This is a milestone for Team Sprocket - for the first time in 13 years, we had earned our ticked to Worlds through an award! We are extremely proud of our team for accomplishing something so great. Good job business, and thank you for our countless hours of preparations and planning! Now let's see what our members have to say about the competition.

Jolene stated, "It was so fun to see our team spirit and seeing a new side of everyone expressing enthusiasm as they cheered on our robot." This was her first competition, and she seemed to have a lot of enthusiasm as well.

Justin, a first year operations member, had reviewed our team's information to ensure accuracy. Though he did not attend the competiton, he acknowledges that there is always room to improve. Engineering Impact is only the first step of pushing our team to greater heights.

Again, good job everyone, and thank you mentors for believing and supporting us unconditionally!

Sprocket spirit in the stands - supporting our drive team

Decorations of the pit - planned and executed by business!

Our amazing business lead and captain

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