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Quick Look Into Week 2 With CAD

On the brink of normalcy, Team Sprocket is steaming through stronger than ever. Team morale is high and everyone is doing what it takes to conquer this season. During an exclusive interview with CAD sublead, Regan revealed that all new members have been professionally trained with a 3D modeling program called Solidworks. Solidworks is a 3D modeling program that simulates models and ideas in real time. With the resources that the school offers, CAD is able to make tremendous progress. With the drive base complete, CAD is currently working on designing the intake system and plans to complete it by week 5.

As another wave of COVID 19 crashes upon the United States, Team Sprocket is making extreme precautions against infections. These precautions include things like social distancing and better quarantine policies, among other things. While the pandemic caused many tragedies, Sprocket is able to see the light in the darkest moments. The business captain, Natalene remarked “It allowed younger members to take up leadership roles.” Our newest CAD lead, Regan, only a sophomore, is able to coordinate his team to accomplish amazing things.

CAD honing in their skills by making a practice part.

This year, CADD received a wave of new members like never before. Even at the peak of the COVID pandemic, these members are able to perform professionally and efficiently. Brian is one such member, he has been working with the team non-stop even over the weekends. “I have full confidence and no worries,” said Brian during our interview. As the competition is on the horizon, teamwork and professionalism keeps Sprocket going. The third week for Team Sprocket proved that anything is achievable with innovation and motivation!

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