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Sprocket Walk-It for Yimbo

Updated: Mar 4, 2020


One of Team Sprocket’s primary goals has been enabling less fortunate communities to learn and thrive. Through its new partnership with Friends of Yimbo, an organization dedicated to helping Yimbo and surrounding villages, the team launched the Sprocket Walk-it for Yimbo charity event.

The purpose of this Team Sprocket outreach event was to spread awareness of the difficulties attending school in the village, in addition to fundraising for better access to educational supplies like laptops, LCD projectors, and new curriculum through the Friends of Yimbo charity.

The walk took place on a Saturday, during the leap day of February 29th, and lasted about 3 hours. The entirety of Team Sprocket was present in solidarity to walk 13 kilometers, the same distance that many children in the village walk for a one-way trip to school on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, this difficult walk discourages many of these children from attending school.

Held around the Diamond Bar High School track, more than 100 attendees walked 32 laps each, leading to a total of about 4000 laps completed. In attendance were many Friends of Yimbo coordinators, as well as district administrators, including Diamond Bar High School principal Dr. Reuben Jones.

Speaking at the end of the walk, a co-founder of Friends of Yimbo, Ben Odipo, expressed his gratitude for the walk, saying that “the actions you have taken today will let the children of the village know that there are people who care. They are not alone.” Through the use of our extra day of the year, Team Sprocket hopes that we can inspire the children of Muguna for their lifetime.

Mr. Odipo speaks to the crowd of participants before the walk begins

Team Sprocket would like to remind our kind friends, partners, and supporters that it is not too late to donate to the cause. Please help us meet our goals on GoFundMe. Any donation level is greatly appreciated.

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