Team Sprock-Pets!

Team Sprocket has been hard at work innovating and collaborating to come up with new designs and ideas. The business subteams had just finished submitting both the Chairman’s Essay and Dean’s List Essaysafter six weeks of hard work. The engineering subteams remain hard at work designing and engineering solutions to real world problems and this year’s game. Not only are Sprocket team members hard work, but they also have a little fun! From fish to pigs, Team Sprocket has a variety of different pets. One such pet, Kenji, is a white german shepherd husky mix. The owner, Benny Tan, says that Kenji loves to bork and play with his friends. Ruth Yoon, another team member, also has a dog. Her dog, Cookie, loves to sleep and snuggle up. After just a couple examples, we can already see the wide variety of pets Sprocket has. Below you will find some of our featured pets! Have a great day!

Some of our cute sprock-pets! (right is Cookie, left is Kenji)

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