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Team Sprocket's 2022 Christmas Bonding

As a wrap-up to 2022, the business members planned and prepared a Christmas Potluck at a team member's house on December 21st. About 30 people showed up, filling the house with a warm and cozy atmosphere with various Santa hats and festive decorations. We participated in many activities, including karaoke, ping-pong, a gingerbread house decorating contest, a game of charades, and Secret Santa.

Shelly says, "My favorite part of the Christmas bonding was karaoke. We sang a lot of songs, like Bad Romance and Mistletoe by Justin Bieber."

The food was an amazing part too - a great variety from fried rice to tiramisu and donuts. The host recalled that their parents had prepared fried buns, fried rice, and barbeque skewers, which many other members agreed were very delicious.

Mary remarked, "The macarons were good."

It was a great end to a much deserved break of a long semester and stressful finals week, as well as a fun way for members to bond in time before build season in January.

We hope everyone had a great 2022 and have an even better 2023!

12/21/22 Christmas Bonding

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