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The Beginning of the End With Programming

Ending the Build Season with our Programming Subteam

Programming configuring our robot system

As Team Sprocket’s build season comes to its end, the Programming subteam has been working harder than ever. In the past few weeks, Programming started testing their code on the different subsystems of the robot. These intricate systems include the drive control, central electrical system, and the sensor for the climb. Their main goal this season is to create code that will lead to successful performance in competitions. Currently, our robot has the capability to conduct autonomous actions including cargo collection and targeting. Our programming subteam was able to perfect the climb system in a simple interface system that allows the operator to control the robot with ease.

Not only have they made progress on the climb system, programming was also able to clean up the scouting app interface. The scouting app allows the team to collect important data on other teams’ performances, in turn allowing us to strategize accordingly. Nikkolos, one of the developers, said, “We have confidence in the scouting app and I believe the hard work we put into developing it would shine through.” With a polished scouting app, Team Sprocket will be able to excel during the crucial moments of competition.

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