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Week 2 Recap

This week has been a busy, yet successful week. On the business side, many tasks were accomplished. Our upcoming FTC event planning, competitions, and apparel have been finalized and we continue to work on our upcoming outreaches. Jolene says, "I'm so excited to attend the upcoming FTC event and interact with the upcoming STEM generation!" We hope our FTC event will run smoothly and provide a positive impact on the competitor's lives. Thank you for everyone working so hard on planning and preparations!

On the engineering side, things have been on schedule. Game pieces and prototypes have been completed and they are currently in the process of testing. Programming has been working on computer visions, autonomous routines, and scoring app. Electrical has been assisting with prototypes and eboards, while CADD has been working closely with mechanical. Our alumni has been working closely with them to make sure everything has been going smoothly.

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