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Week 7 Recap

After tireless months of planning an FTC competition held our home, Diamond Bar High from February 25-26, the words written on paper turned into a reality - and flawlessly. Our members worked hard all day, volunteering through jobs such as cooking at concessions, cleaning/setting up, announcing games, and queuing robots up. We collaborated with FRC teams and others among the community, as well as school clubs and faculty through successful completion. Thrilled to see teams grow closer through this competition, as well as developing long lasting relationships between different teams, stands were filled with loud cheering from FRC teams and supportive parents, without a dull moment. It was an opportunity for teams to advance to the next stage of the competition. We wish good luck to all teams advancing!

The operations team's hard work is not to gone unseen. Thanks to the hard work done behind the scenes for months, planning how everything will be laid out, the schedules, and the roles assigned to team members, they were able to execute a whole competition with hundreds of people attending. Ryan, the operations lead recalls, "The planning was pretty hard at first because this was the first time we have hosted a competition, but due to the contribution and flexibility of our volunteers and members, we were able to smoothly run the competition. The main lesson we took from this was the importance of flexibility - because of the flexibility and cooperation of everyone that helped, we were able to make this competition true." Business also teamed up with Printed Works to create on-demand T-shirts at the competition, which was a huge success as they sold out.

With the numerous of volunteers, there were a numerous of experiences and reflections. Here are some statements from our members!

"I love making Hamburgers." - Aaron

"I made lots of friends and it was very fun cleaning up. I also got a lot of respect just from wearing a yellow [volunteer] vest." -Jai

"All the jobs were great, and the overall environment was good." -Nikkolos

"It was a good learning experience to bond as a team as well as with other teams. I saw many teams and it was inspiring to see how much effort they put in, as well as how we inspire them back." -Joanna

Thank you all volunteers for helping and making this event possible!

Members dancing before the finals game

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