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Why Team Sprocket needs a cup noodle sponsorship

Team Sprocket is notorious for our addiction to cup noodles. Any day of the week you could walk into a meeting and see at least a few sprocket members enjoying the rich taste that is only found in instant noodles. In fact, this gives members another reason to look forward to meetings.

Every season we collect so many boxes of delectable ramen that it has become a decoration to our pantry wall! Most of our cup noodle stock is supplied from donations from generous parents.

However, so much cup ramen is consumed that we always run out before the build season ends. Interestingly enough, engineering subteams believe that members from business subteams eat the majority of the inventory with an anonymous CAD member saying, “leave some for the rest of us”.

Team Sprocket would like to thank parents for their considerate donations of cup noodles.

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