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Wrapping Up Week 2 with Mechanical

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

After the eventful second week, Team Sprocket has begun a new chapter in the competitive scene. In an interview with Captain Davidson, Davidson highlights his goals for the mechanical subteam. “I hope to continue the team’s knowledge for future members”.While this is happening, the rest of Mechanical is working on recreating this year’s game pieces and brainstorming prototypes. They hope that by getting these structures created as soon as possible, they can start testing their prototypes. Timothy, a member of the mechanical subteam added, “We’re finished with the shooter prototype [and] we’re going to improve on them. We look forward to a prosperous few weeks!”

Engineering Captain, Davidson, milling the drive base

Furthermore, Mechanical has been working hard to keep on schedule. They have been able to tackle the toughest of problems with finesse and grace. Luke, a prospering sophomore mechanical member, says, “I am looking forward to the build season because I can work with my friends and get some hands-on experience.”

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