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Brahmas Apply for the 2019-2020 Season

New Applicants begin the Learning Process

These past few days, Team Sprocket’s newest set of fall applicants experienced firsthand the team’s weekly meetings! As their applications are still being reviewed, applicants shadowed their more experienced seniors, gaining some insight on the inner-workings of their respective subteams. Applicants were also allowed to visit other subteams during their time at these meetings to see which group best suited their personal interests. The general consensus about these new applicants were relatively consistent - they are enthusiastic, interested, and determined.

To begin, the business teams. Publicity, responsible for promoting and advertising Team Sprocket, welcomed three applicants who came to at least one of the meetings. According to the lead, all three applicants were very driven and enthusiastic about their future role within the team. One in particular, Mathew Sharifi, has expressed his long-time interest and dedication to the art of film-making, a skill integral in creating successful advertising campaigns and the like. Operations, a subteam currently searching for more members, received an impressive five applicants from the Fall Applications. Three of these members: Erin, Jeffrey, and Nicole, expressed their thoughts on the subteam, saying, “We think this subteam needs all the help it can get, so we’re glad we’re here for that extra support!” Finally, the Public Relations subteam. Kelvin Wang, the Public Relation lead, commented on the new applicants of the subteam, stating that, “their diligence and efficient work ethic have exceeded my expectations.” The team has received five applicants, four of which have shown up to at least one meeting.

New Applicants learn more about Programming

Of the numerous Technical teams, the CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) subteam has finally gotten a big break. Nathan Win, one of the leads of the subteam, has expressed his satisfaction with the “enthusiasm of [his] new [potential members]” and their experience with digital modeling. Others, he has said, “learn very fast and they already have the hang of [CADD].” The Mechanical subteam, lead by Preston Moon and Sean Peng, has experienced an influx of “driven and motivated” applicants.To ensure overall safety, theses potential recruits aren’t allowed to handle any equipment until they have completed safety training. Electricity, a relatively small subteam headed by Trevor Hwee, gained four applicants. Two of which, according to Trevor, seem very interested in the work that goes on in the subteam. Lastly, but certainly not least, Ryan Zhu’s Programming subteam received nine applicants due to the increasing general interest in STEM and, more specifically, computer-science related majors. Although only five showed up to a meeting, the subteam’s new applicants appear very engrossed in the topic. According to Ryan, the most popular programming language among them is Python, which is also the primary language used for the robot.

Most applicants, however, remain undecided. </3

With a new upcoming season, Team Sprocket is ready to mentor and guide any new incoming members for the future of Business and Engineering-related education. The team anticipates growth of the new applicants through their respective subteams.

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